Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – Uma Earn Free Coin

Binance Learn & Earn UMA Quiz Answers

Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – Uma Earn Free Coin

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting it. These answers are for reference purposes only

Q1) What makes the OO optimistic?

Answer: Proposed data will not require resolution unless it is disputed, and disputes are rare

Q2) How many tokens did UMA transfer to its DAO in 2021?

Answer: 35 million tokens

Q3) Who are the three actors in the OO system?

Answer: The contract requesting the data; the participant proposing the data; and the disputer

Q4) Why is there a reward associated with voting correctly?

Answer: So there is an incentive to be correct

Q5) Why does the OO include a human component?

Answer: Humans can provide any kind of knowable truth to a blockchain

Q6) What are the phases in the UMA voting process?

Answer: Voting period; voting revealing period; reward collection period

Q7) What is the DAO tooling organization that is a sister protocol to UMA and Across and is secured by the OO?

Answer: Outcome.Finance

Q8) How long does it typically take for the OO, through its UMA token holders, to resolve a dispute?

Answer: 48 hours

Q9) What is UMA’s native token?

Answer: UMA coin

Q10) What is the cross chain bridge empowered by UMA and its OO?

Answer: Across

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