Binance Learn and Earn - WOO Quiz Answers

Binance Learn and Earn - WOO Quiz Answers

Binance Learn and Earn - WOO Quiz Answers

What is Binance Learn And Earn Quiz?

Binance developed the Learn and Earn Program to assist its users in better comprehending cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Users are urged to study articles and watch training videos to understand more about cryptocurrencies.

They will then utilize that knowledge to pass examinations and earn bitcoin.

These have incentives that are time-sensitive and lose value over time.

Both of the initial courses cost 50,000 SHIB ($500,000 USD) each.

WOO Quiz Answers

1.What share of WOO Network’s revenue contributes to the monthly buyback and burn?

Answer: 50%

2. What is WOO Network’s centralized exchange called?

Answer: WOO X

3.How much does Kronos Research trade each day?

Answer: $1 billion +

4. What network did WOOFi first launch on?

Answer: BNB Chain

5.Who benefits from WOO Network’s services?

Answer: All are correct

6.WOO Network was selected as a judge in BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder Program. True or false?

Answer: False

7.Who invested in WOO Network’s Series A+ fundraising round in 2021?

Answer: Binance Labs

8. Which ecosystem(s) are partnered with WOO DAO?

Answer: All are correct

9. WOO Network was designed to address high fees and fragmented liquidity across crypto networks and applications. True or false?

Answer: True

10.Who benefits from WOO Network’s liquidity?

Answer: All are correct

11.WOOFi is an all-in-one dApp.

Answer: True

12. What is WOOFi’s swap fee?

Answer: 0.025%

13.How quickly can WOOFi cross-chain swaps complete?

Answer: 30 seconds

14.Which of these are features of WOOFi Supercharger vaults?

Answer: All are correct

15. How many chains is WOOFi integrated with?

Answer: 4

16.WOOFi DEX has a customizable UI and visible orderbook.

Answer: True

17.Which network is WOOFi DEX built upon?

Answer: NEAR

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