Care Tips - Lucky Bamboo Care Advice (Dracaena sanderiana)

Care Tips - Lucky Bamboo Care Advice (Dracaena sanderiana)

Lucky Bamboo first gained popularity at gardening supply stores in the late 1990s.

Bamboo plants can be readily maintained inside by growing in a vase filled with water and pebbles to keep them upright.

This striking bamboo plant has lovely, arching, green leaves that taper to a point and a thin, upright stem.

It is typical to see red roots in the vase because the plant's roots are red.

Any thriving plant would go through this.

But it's not really a bamboo.

Despite the fact that it has been around for some time, this member of the Dracaena family has become a favorite among those who practice feng shui since it is believed to boost luck and chi vitality.

Guidelines for Lucky Bamboo Care

Keep your indoor bamboo plant out of the direct sun's rays to prevent scorching the leaves, but give it enough bright light to make it look its best.

Using a transparent vase is a wise choice.

If sunlight gets through transparent glass, algae will grow.

If the water becomes cloudy, just clean the vase and the stones before adding fresh water.

Bamboo problems inside are uncommon.

The usual reasons of yellow leaves are excessive sun exposure or fertilizer use.

Move your bamboo plant to a more shaded place and use less fertilizer.

Brown leaves indicate either dry air or water contaminated by chemicals.

Advice about irrigation is provided below.

Stalks that soften and become malleable are likely beyond repair.

Your bamboo plant will remain healthy if you prune it.

Only the branches within 1-2 in (2.5-5 cm) of the main stalk should be cut; the main stalk itself shouldn't be.

The plant will thus grow more new shoots and develop into a bushier, fuller plant.

Additionally, instead of throwing away those cuttings, root them in fresh water to start new plants.

Have you ever wondered how those twists and curves are made?

This indoor bamboo plant, despite being frequently compared to a bonsai, is not wire-shaped or constantly pruned.

Instead, it is created by turning the plant's stalks.

A stalk will naturally bend in the direction of the light source when rotated slowly and repeatedly in front of it.

Lucky Bamboo Care Tips

Origin: Africa

Height: 3 feet or more (90 cm)


There is enough of light, but no direct sunlight to burn the foliage.

Pale leaves are a sign of inadequate light for the plant.

Move it away from the sun and into a brighter area.

Since lucky bamboo thrives in fluorescent lighting, it is the perfect plant for an office setting.


Every two to three weeks, change the water.

Chlorine, fluoride, and other pollutants frequently present in tap water are toxic to this plant.

Only use distilled or bottled water, or let tap water soak for a whole night to let the toxins dissolve.


Typical room with a relative humidity of about 40%.


All year long, dracaenas like warm temperatures (65–80°F/18–27°C).


Apply a general-purpose liquid fertilizer every two months. All you need is a drop.


In the summer, take stem cuttings and place them in fresh water.

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