The Kite Runner Book and The Story of Its Filming


The Kite Runner Book and The Story of Its Filming

The Kite Runner Book and The Story of Its Filming

"The Kite Runner" is a novel written by Khaled Hosseini, which was first published in 2003. The book has become a bestseller and is widely considered a modern classic of contemporary literature.

The story is set against the backdrop of Afghanistan's tumultuous history, from the fall of the monarchy to the Soviet invasion, the rise of the Taliban regime, and the U.S. invasion. It follows the life of Amir, a privileged Pashtun boy who grows up in Kabul and his relationship with his father and his friend, Hassan, a Hazara boy who is also his servant.

The novel explores themes such as betrayal, redemption, guilt, and the complexities of friendship and family. The story takes the reader on an emotional journey as Amir seeks to come to terms with the mistakes he made in the past and find redemption for his past actions.

The book has been highly acclaimed for its powerful storytelling, vivid imagery, and its ability to capture the essence of life in Afghanistan. It has been translated into over 40 languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide. It has also been adapted into a film and a stage play.

The Story of How The Kite Runner Was Filmed

"The Kite Runner" was adapted into a film in 2007. The film was directed by Marc Forster, and the screenplay was written by David Benioff.

Filming of the movie presented several challenges, particularly when it came to finding the right locations. The filmmakers initially planned to shoot the movie in Afghanistan, but due to security concerns, they eventually decided to film in China, which provided locations that resembled Kabul.

The filmmakers also faced difficulties in casting the actors who would play the lead roles. They conducted an extensive search and eventually chose young Afghan actors for the roles of Amir and Hassan. However, due to security concerns, the actors had to be flown to the United Arab Emirates for the filming.

The kite-flying scenes in the movie were particularly challenging to film. For safety reasons, the kites were flown using a special rig that was operated by a crane. The kite-flying scenes were also filmed in different locations, including China, California, and Canada.

Despite the challenges, the movie received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and stunning cinematography. The film premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and went on to receive several awards and nominations. It remains a powerful adaptation of the novel and a touching portrayal of life in Afghanistan.

Actors In The Movie The Kite Runner

The 2007 film adaptation of "The Kite Runner" starred the following actors:

  • Khalid Abdalla as Amir
  • Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada as Hassan (as a child)
  • Zekeria Ebrahimi as Hassan (as a teenager)
  • Homayoun Ershadi as Baba (Amir's father)
  • Shaun Toub as Rahim Khan
  • Ali Danish Bakhty Ari as Sohrab (as a child)
  • Abdul Salam Yusoufzai as Sohrab (as a teenager)
  • Atossa Leoni as Soraya (Amir's wife)

    The film also featured a number of Afghan actors in supporting roles, including Nabi Tanha as Ali (Hassan's father), Elham Ehsas as Assef, and Tamim Nawabi as Kamal. The filmmakers chose to cast Afghan actors in many of the key roles to give the film an authentic feel and to help bring the story to life in a way that would resonate with audiences.


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