What is Electronic Resources, Detailed Guide


 What is Electronic Resources, Detailed Guide

What is Electronic Resources, Detailed Guide

Materyal consisting of data ana/ör computer program(s) taht ere Real ana operated directly on a computer, suca as a CD-rom drive, ör y connecting to a remote network suca as the Internet. This category; software applications, electronic texts, bibliographic databases, institutional archives, websites, electronic books, electronic journal collections ana the like.

What is e-resource and e-resource management?

If we look at the definitions of electronic information sources in the literature; a library

Electronics such as CD-ROM, floppy disk, magnetic tape, which are the services provided by the library staff to the library users.

resources in the environment. According to the definitions made for today's sources, a

electronic journals and books, databases, DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs in the library's collection,

portable external disks, online and offline internet resources electronic resources constitutes

User Education in E-Resources

The Example of Özyeğin University Library

Özyeğin University Library's collection consists of 50,000 printed books and magazines, 3,000 DVDs, more than 409,000 e-books, and more than 80,000 e-journals, and provides 24/7 service to library users. Technological developments develops its electronic collection in particular. Information technology as well as information resources Özyeğin University Library, which has included equipment and intelligence games in its collection,

It also supports the research and education needs of its users outside the campus by using technologies.



 Researchers usually start their scientific and academic studies with a literature review by identifying the published information sources on the subject they want to examine. For this purpose, indexes and journals are scanned in libraries, bibliographic tags of the relevant resources are taken, they are searched in library collections and photocopied, if any. In long-term studies such as thesis or project, it is necessary to defeat the literature search to identify new sources, and in collaborative studies, group members should come together to share resources.

Electronic information resources that have emerged thanks to the developing information technologies can be listed as bibliographic and/or full-text databases, e-journals, e-books, open archives and web pages. These resources are usually produced and/or distributed by commercial publishing houses and/or professional organizations. Developing software applications and competition from database manufacturers/distributors offer users more comprehensive, user-friendly and effective resources. Thus, it provides significant time and labor savings in the process of utilizing information resources for scientists under intense research/study burden.

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