2023 - 2024 365 Data Science Free Courses with Certificate

 2023 - 2024 365 Data Science Free Courses with Certificate 

2023 - 2024 365 Data Science Free Courses with Certificate

365 Data Science Free Courses

Develop data science expertise from the ground up. 365 Data Science’s all-inclusive training is ideal for people who want to launch, switch, or enhance their data science careers with the most in-demand skills and technology in the sector. It covers everything from the very basics to the most complex topics. You’ll get
  • 57 Expert-Led Courses
  • A-Z Career Tracks
  • Industry-Recognized Certificates

What You'll Learn

Module 1 – Data Science Fundamentals: This module is optimized to help you develop a strong foundation for a data science career.

Module 2 – Programming for Data Science: Here you will focus on developing a versatile programming skillset.

Module 3 – Machine & Deep Learning: Building on the foundations developed in the first 2 modules, Module 3 will teach you how to apply advanced statistical methods to execute predictive analytics.

Module 4 – Advanced Specialization: The concluding module gives you the opportunity to mold your data science expertise according to a field of your choosing. From developing next-gen fintech products to helping retail giants boost profitability through customer analytics, you’ll be able to make a valuable contribution to a diverse industry spectrum.

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