2023 - 2024 Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers

 2023 -  2024 Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers

2023 -  2024 Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers

Knowledge Check Assessment Answers (21 Questions)

1. Optimization Score is made up of over 50 recommendations to optimize Search campaigns.

  1. True
  2. False

2. Which of the following factors wouldn’t change an account’s optimization score?

  1. Changes in auction dynamics
  2. Changes in tracked conversions
  3. Renaming campaigns
  4. Shifts in spend mix

3. How does Google Ads generate responsive search ads?

  1. Google Ads creates them based on existing ad copy, landing pages, and extensions
  2. Google Ads creates them based on existing high performing ad copy
  3. Google Ads mixes and matches headlines and description lines that have been provided
  4. Google Ads mixes and matches headlines and URLs that have been provided

4. How many ads should be implemented per ad group?

  1. One or two
  2. Only one
  3. Three to five
  4. Two to three

5. Which are the three required parts of a text ad?

  1. Description, path fields, and headline
  2. Description, path fields, and URL
  3. Headline, description, and path fields
  4. Headline, description, and URL

6. Arrange the items below in order of hierarchy, beginning with the top level.

  1. Account
  2. Campaign
  3. Ad group
  4. Ad

7. What is the key value proposition of Google Search campaigns?

  1. Appear as a text ad, a video ad, or a banner ad on one of Google’s partner sites
  2. Influence organic results
  3. Reach people on Google.com that might be interested in your brand, regardless of what they’re searching for
  4. Show your ads when a customer is searching for your product or service

8. Which part of a Search ad isn’t automatically generated by Dynamic Search Ads?

  1. All of these are automatically generated
  2. Description line
  3. Destination URL
  4. Headline

9. Which two people might see an ad with the keyword +black +shirt (set as broad match modifier)?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Someone searching for the term I want to buy a black shirt
  2. Someone searching for the term black button shirt
  3. Someone searching for the term shirt
  4. Someone searching for the term shirt brown

10. Advertising with Google Ads starts with creating campaigns based on your business objectives. Which campaign type would you pick for each of the following scenarios?

  1.  These ads drive engagement, app installs, and in-app purchases. They appear across the Google Search and Display Networks, as well as on Google Play and YouTube – Universal App
  2.  These ads show up next to Google search results and on other Google partner sites, like YouTube, when people search for products or services you offer – Search
  3.  These ads promote your products by giving users detailed information about what you’re selling. They appear on Google Shopping and next to search results – Shopping
  4.  These ads appear on their own or within other streaming video content on YouTube and across the Google Display Network – Video

11. How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. By building awareness of your brand
  2. By driving online, in-app, in-person, and over-the-phone sales
  3. By influencing consideration of your products and services
  4. All of the above

12. Match each autobidding strategy to the right campaign goal.

  1. Conversions – Target CPA
  2. Visibility – Target impression share
  3. Revenue – Target ROAS
  4. Traffic – Maximize clicks

13. Which of the following is a core benefit of Google Ads automated bidding?

  1. User ID-based bidding
  2. Impression share-based bidding
  3. Daily budget pacing
  4. Auction-time bidding

14. Match the marketing goal to the correct ad extension.

  1. You want to describe the features of a specific product your business offers before customers click on the ad – Structured snippets
  2. You’re focused on driving phone calls to your business – Call extension
  3. You’re interested in directing people to specific pages on your website – Sitelink extension
  4. You operate many retail stores and want potential customers to see the distance from their location to your stores – Location extension

15. Which ad extensions can serve automatically?

  1. Message, callout, and structured snippets
  2. Promotion, callout, and sitelink extensions
  3. Sitelink, callout, and structured snippets
  4. Sitelink, location, and call extensions

16. Why do search ad extensions matter?

  1. The cost-per-click on ad extensions is lower than on a search ad headline
  2. They guarantee higher engagement for advertisers
  3. They increase ad quality and drive lower conversion costs
  4. They increase engagement and influence ad quality

17. If an advertiser doesn’t want to add remarketing tags to a website, why would Customer Match be a good fit for them?

  1. Customer Match allows you to reach people who have been to your website
  2. Customer Match allows you to reach people who haven’t been to your website yet
  3. Customer Match relies on your own data instead of a remarketing tag
  4. It wouldn’t be a good fit. You have to tag your website to use Customer Match

18. True or false? Affinity Audiences allows advertisers to reach people who’re actively researching and intending to buy the products or services they offer.

  1. True
  2. False

19. Which of the following can be customized with audience signals to make Search campaigns more efficient?

  1. Headline length
  2. Keywords
  3. Networks
  4. All of the above

20. What are the three main factors that determine ad quality?

  1. Expected clickthrough rate, ad formats, and ad relevance
  2. Expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance
  3. Expected clickthrough rate, max CPC bid, and landing page experience
  4. Max CPC bid, landing page experience, and ad relevance

21. Which attributes describe a good landing page experience?

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. High amount of user traffic
  3. Relevant and original content
  4. Transparency about your business

Pass The Assessment And Earn A Certification (Complete Required)

Google Ads Search Certification Assessment Answers

Total Questions50
Duration75 Min
Pass %80% or More
RetakeAfter 24hr
Pause ExamNo

1. Organize these steps in the correct order to set up an effective Customer Match strategy. (The first step should be on top.)

  1. Segment a customer list, based on a desired marketing action.
  2. Upload the list to Google Ads.
  3. Translate the list into an audience list and make it available for targeting.
  4. Customize your creatives with special offers or incentives that are specific to this audience.

2. Match each ad extension with the benefit it brings to a user’s ad experience.

  1.  Sitelink extensions – Directing users to specific pages of a website
  2.  Callout extensions – Highlighting value-adding attributes of the business, products, or services to users
  3.  Call extensions – Allowing mobile users to directly call a business
  4.  Structured snippet extensions – Describing features of a specific product or range of products or services offered by the business before users click on the ad

3. Sandy, an expert on Search marketing, knows she should use extensions effectively in order to optimize her Google Ads campaign results.

What’s Google’s recommendation about extensions?

  1. Use no more than two extensions per campaign or ad group.
  2. Use ad extensions only when advertising the service industry.
  3. Use at least five extensions and add only to ad groups.
  4. Use at least three extensions in each campaign or ad group

4. Jim has created a Google Search ad with a bid of $5. Two other advertisers in an auction have bids of $2.50 and $2.

How much would Jim pay for the first spot in the auction?

  1. $5
  2. $2.50
  3. $2.51
  4. $4.50

5. Three core principles, focused on helping businesses reach their online potential, are the foundation for Google Ads. The first of these is relevance. Google Ads connects businesses with the right people at the right time.

Upon which other principles was Google Ads built?

  1. Credits and context
  2. Control and results
  3. Profit and privacy
  4. Options and tracking

6. Brenda’s working on improving a Google Search Ad’s quality score so it potentially gets a better ad rank and performs better in the ad auction.

What change to Brenda’s ad might improve the Ad Rank?

  1. Adding seasonal messaging during the holiday season.
  2. Incorporating an image to make the ad more enticing.
  3. Using colors in the message text to improve Quality Score.
  4. Making the headline bold to potentially improve the eCTR.

7. Which of the following goals can you achieve for your marketing campaign by using automated bidding?

  1. Choose what time of day your ads will appear.
  2. Target specific devices exclusively.
  3. Control the cost of each click.
  4. Reach the right user with the right message at the right time.

8. Silly Sayings is seeing a lot of website traffic, but the company wants to generate more qualified leads. They’re interested in trying ad extensions to see if they can increase the number of qualified leads they receive.

In what way can ad extensions assist companies such as Silly Sayings in generating more qualified leads?

  1. By attracting users with creative assets.
  2. By dynamically using negative keywords, based on a user’s website content.
  3. By providing users with relevant information up-front.
  4. By presenting users with catalog options for a product.

9. Jennifer’s looking to limit the number of people who see her Google Search Ad for an all-inclusive vacation to Paris. She doesn’t want to match with people looking for anything else — just “all-inclusive vacation Paris.” So she limits who sees her ad using exact match type.

Which search terms might match with Jennifer’s ad?

  1. All-inclusive family Paris vacation
  2. All-inclusive vacation
  3. Best all-inclusive vacation
  4. All-inclusive Paris holiday

10. Marta’s online store sells accessories for a widely used smartphone, and her current customer base shares a number of relevant characteristics. She believes she’ll have her best return on investment by narrowing her Google Search campaign audience.

Which two Google Search campaign settings can be configured to reach more specific customers? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Budget
  2. Location
  3. Budget type
  4. Device type
  5. Web browser

11. A golf enthusiast regularly watches instructional videos about golf, has recently searched for the best golf clubs on Google.com, and has researched golf courses on Google Maps.

Which type of Search Audience solution would best reach this individual?

  1. Affinity Audience
  2. Detailed Demographics
  3. In-Market Audience
  4. Similar Audiences for Search

12. With Dynamic Search Ads, what does the advertiser provide?

  1. A headline
  2. A machine-learning algorithm
  3. A list of web pages
  4. A list of search terms

13. Why is using the performance targets feature after utilizing the Performance Planner recommended?

  1. This practice allows you to receive detailed insights from Google Analytics with regards to how website behavior is impacted after applying Performance planner recommendations.
  2. This practice allows you to monitor targets set in the Performance Planner and to receive alerts and recommendations when a campaign is not on track.
  3. This practice allows you to ensure seasonality and budget reallocation are accounted for future periods so you can prevent your campaigns from becoming “Limited by Budget”.
  4. This practice allows you to fully automate all aspects of account management to improve the likelihood of meeting performance targets.

14. Every ad contains a URL displaying your website address. You can add two optional path fields to the display URL in a text ad.

What’s an advantage of using these optional path fields?

  1. To allow the Google Ads system to anticipate what content is present on the landing page
  2. To match an appropriate landing page with the search term that triggered the ad
  3. To give users more options over which landing page they want to navigate to
  4. To give users an idea of the content they’ll see upon clicking the ad

15. A water-sports company specializes in custom-made watercrafts and accessories.Their marketing manager decides to use the broad-match keyword, “boat.” The manager then adds “paddle” as a broad-match modifier.

Which two searches may prompt the marketing manager’s ad? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Boat adventure
  2. Travel on a paddle ship
  3. Boats and ships
  4. Rowboat paddling
  5. A green boat paddle

16. Priya only has $500 a month to spend on her campaign, but she needs to drive as many potential customers as possible to her website.

What type of automated bidding strategy would be best for Priya’s campaign?

  1. Enhanced cost-per-click (eCPC)
  2. Target impression share
  3. Maximize clicks
  4. Target return on ad spend (tROAS)

17. What is one of the reasons why an advertiser should consider using Performance Planner on a monthly basis?

  1. Auctions fluctuate all the time
  2. Google Ads are updated automatically
  3. A / B testing
  4. Click-through rate averages require planning

18. Yan is working on a Remarketing List for Search Ads campaign.

Which user could be added to a valid Remarketing audience list to ensure optimal results?

  1. Someone who has added items to a shopping basket on his company’s website but then abandoned it
  2. Someone who has heard of his company’s business but never visited the company’s website
  3. Someone who has seen his company’s ads but never clicked on them
  4. Someone who has visited numerous similar websites

19. What Search Network text ad component provides up to three fields of 30 characters each?

  1. The description component
  2. The conversion component
  3. The headline component
  4. The website URL component

20. Tomacz wants to use a Google Search Ads campaign to capture the attention of customers searching for camping equipment online.

What’s a key benefit of a well-managed Google Search Ads campaign?

  1. Potential customers can search the ads for specific products.
  2. Ads send follow-up information to the potential customer.
  3. Ads appear intermixed with organic search results.
  4. Displayed ads are relevant to a potential customer’s Google search.

21. Google Ads reviews saved text ads to ensure they meet advertising policies before being shown to users.

What criteria are reviewed by Google Ads?

  1. Loading and site speed.
  2. Length and extensions.
  3. Content and formatting.
  4. Goals and analytics.

22. Bob’s electronics company has quite a buzz around a new television they’re launching, called UltraView1000. This television is equipped with an accessibility feature that lets voice commands it. Bob decides to use broad match modifier in his Search Ads campaign with the keywords “television,” “accessible,” and “voice.”

Which benefit does broad match modifier give Bob’s Search Ads campaign?

  1. Bob’s ad will appear if search terms contain at least one of the keywords and words right before or after them.
  2. Bob’s ad will appear if search terms contain at least all three of the keywords or variations of those terms.
  3. Bob’s ad will appear if the search terms contain all three of the exact keywords.
  4. Bob’s ad will appear if search terms contain at least one of the keywords or variations of those terms.

23. Rebecca is a marketing executive at an airline company. She has been asked to plan her company’s online advertising budget on a monthly basis. She’s chosen Google Ads’ Performance Planner to help accomplish this task.

What are two advantages Performance Planner offers Rebecca? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. Performance Planner leverages machine learning for forecasting.
  2. Performance Planner integrates with other budgeting software, such as QuickBooks.
  3. Performance Planner will help her identify funds from other operational budgets to allocate to marketing.
  4. Performance Planner is free to use with any merchant-hosted storefront.
  5. Performance Planner forecasting is powered by billions of Google searches conducted each week.

24. When are automated extensions, such as Seller Ratings, shown?

  1. When an advertiser manually opts in to receive them.
  2. When an account is white-listed for them.
  3. When Google predicts they’ll improve ad performance.
  4. When an automated extension campaign is created.

25. What’s a key objective in delivering ad extensions?

  1. Providing the right users with the right information at the right moment.
  2. Opening up additional ad space to extend character limits.
  3. Making ads more appealing with the use of image and video assets.
  4. Giving users control over the types of ads that they see.

26. Match these Search Audience solutions with the benefits they can bring to your campaigns.

  1.  Detailed Demographics – To reach people based on the likelihood of their marital status, education, parenting stage, and homeownership
  2.  In-Market Audiences – To drive consideration among people who are actively researching the products or services you offer
  3.  Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – To help reach people who have engaged with your website or YouTube channel in the past
  4.  Customer Match – To upload your own data into Google Ads and reach custom segments across devices

27. What’s the primary benefit of using structured snippet extensions in your ads?

  1. Gives users specific information about what you’re offering, before they visit your website.
  2. Allows potential customers to navigate to specific pages of your website directly from the ad.
  3. Lets you quickly display information about your promotions without having to update every ad.
  4. Lets you show your business address, phone number, and a map marker alongside your ad text.

28. Rina notices that her ad’s average cost per click (CPC) is significantly higher than the industry benchmark. But she’s not seeing improvements in her ad’s position.

What can she do to potentially get a higher ad position?

  1. Increase the number of ad groups.
  2. Match the bid to an industry benchmark.
  3. Decrease the number of ad groups.
  4. Improve the ad’s quality score.

29. Lisa sells kitchen furniture through her website. While her sales are stable, she’s concerned that they’re not keeping pace with those of other online furniture stores.

How can a Google Search campaign benefit Lisa’s business?

  1. Her business will have a higher ranking in organic search results.
  2. Potential customers will be automatically directed to her business website.
  3. Ads for her business will appear across a variety of digital and traditional media.
  4. Her business will have a competitive presence with similar businesses during searches.

30. Pete is the marketing director for an electric car company. He recently chose “leads” as his Google Search campaign marketing goal.

What did he hope to achieve by selecting “leads” as his goal?

  1. Promote videos that speak to the business mission.
  2. Have more people view his website.
  3. Encourage customers to purchase electric cars.
  4. Increase e-mail list sign-ups from potential customers.

31. With Similar Audiences, which Google product is included when finding new people with similar profiles?

  1. YouTube
  2. Gmail
  3. Messages
  4. Google Drive

32. Siona needs to make sure her ads are getting a minimum number of impressions on the top of the page.

What type of automated bidding strategy is Siona using?

  1. Target return on ad spend (tROAS)
  2. Target impression share
  3. Target cost-per-acquisition (tCPA)
  4. Maximize clicks

33. Brian manages his company’s Google Search Ads campaign. He regularly reviews the optimization score to make his Google Search campaign as effective as possible.

What’s Brian’s optimization score based upon?

  1. Key aspects of his campaigns, including statistics, settings, and industry trends
  2. Judging ad popularity on social media
  3. Testing and reporting on the speed of Brian’s websites
  4. Comparing Brian’s sales with ad serving data

34. Ingrid wants to acquire a lot of exposure for a new product line that she’s launching. She understands that she can reach a significant portion of people on the internet with the help of a Display campaign.

In what way will a Display campaign achieve Ingrid’s marketing goal?

  1. A video summary of her product line will be automatically generated by the system and placed on YouTube.
  2. Her business will be highlighted on Google Maps, with the option for customers to see her product line there.
  3. Her ads will serve on website content related to her business or her customers’ interests, based on her targeting decisions.
  4. Her ads will appear above and below search results when people search for related keywords.

35. What are two ways Dynamic Search Ads brings value to an advertising campaign? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

  1. It allows for greater control over keywords.
  2. It finds traffic an advertiser might miss.
  3. It creates new ads automatically.
  4. It reduces the needed advertising budget.
  5. It promotes advertising on social media platforms.

36. In-market audiences allow the opportunity to specifically identify what kind of user?

  1. Someone who has a passion for a topic
  2. Someone who writes content about a topic
  3. Someone who has an interest in a topic
  4. Someone who is in the mindset to buy

37. Automated bidding does the heavy lifting for advertisers on Google Ads.

What does automated bidding use to set the right bid for every auction?

  1. Ad extensions
  2. Seller ratings
  3. Machine learning
  4. Manual control

38. What’s an accurate description of callout extensions?

  1. Additional links that direct users to specific pages of a website.
  2. A mobile-only format that enables users to contact a business via text messages.
  3. Extends ads with a phone number, allowing mobile users to directly call a business.
  4. Short, specific snippets of text that highlight value-adding attributes.

39. Steven is an advertising executive at a large auto parts company. He uses his Google Ads Recommendations page to help him with strategies to optimize his Google Search Ads campaigns.

One reason Steven values the optimization score is because it makes it possible for him to do what?

  1. Easily prioritize across the different optimization opportunities
  2. Receive information on general trends
  3. Receive tailor-made auction insights
  4. Receive daily updates on average position

40. Molly wants to clear her remaining stock in preparation for ordering a new line of products to sell. As a result, she’s willing to increase her CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and investment, as long as it means generating more sales.

Her current campaign has a total investment of $25,500, generates 1,500 conversions, and has a CPA of $17. Which plan, built in the Performance Planner, will help Molly with her marketing goal to generate more sales?

  1. An investment of $21,000 to generate 1,400 conversions and a CPA of $15
  2. An investment of $30,000 to generate 1,500 conversions and a CPA of $20
  3. An investment of $28,000 to generate 1,400 conversions and a CPA of $20
  4. An investment of $40,000 to generate 2,000 conversions and a CPA of $20

41. What does Performance Planner automatically do?

  1. Forecasts how your current campaigns will perform in the future
  2. Uses machine learning to target new demographics
  3. Sets your ad budget for maximum growth
  4. Recommends the perfect ad structure for your budget

42. You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible.

How can Google Ads help?

  1. With Google Ads, your ads will show up on every available search engine
  2. Google Ads saves you time by deciding what your budget will be on a daily basis.
  3. With Google Ads, you can choose a maximum amount to spend per month.
  4. With Google Ads, you always pay using cost-per-reach, predetermined by your budget.

43. Hank wants to use a “Maximize Conversions” campaign with the Performance Planner.

Which recommendation can be provided to Hank by the Performance Planner?

  1. A recommended average daily budget
  2. Recommended campaign bid scaling
  3. A recommended Campaign-level Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
  4. A recommended Campaign-level Target ROAS (return-on-ad-spend)

44. Samira has been tasked with increasing the relevance of her company’s ads. She has been told that she can use multiple headline options in her responsive search ads as a way to increase relevance.

How many headlines can Samira include in a single responsive search ad?

  1. Up to 25 headlines
  2. Up to 5 headlines
  3. Up to 15 headlines
  4. Up to 50 headlines

45. Marco owns a company that installs smart-home accessories. His employees recently completed specialized training on installing specific units for garage doors. He wants to capitalize on his employees’ new skills.

How could a Google Search campaign benefit his business?

  1. His ads will be displayed on related industry websites.
  2. His ads will be shown at random, thereby generating new cold leads.
  3. His website will appear higher in organic ranking.
  4. His ad may appear when people research similar installation options.

46. John’s Plumbing prides itself on excellent customer service, especially during after-hours service calls. They want to connect with people who need emergency plumbing services in the middle of the night.

Which criteria should John’s Plumbing configure to meet this goal?

  1. Ad scheduling
  2. Devices
  3. Ad extensions
  4. Networks

47. Peggy owns a house-cleaning service. She built a booking website and is ready to promote her services online. She wants her ads to reach people actively looking for businesses similar to hers.

Which Google Ads campaign should Peggy use to make sure potential customers consider her services and take action by booking house cleanings?

  1. Shopping
  2. Video
  3. Display
  4. Search

48. Jerry’s managing a Google Search campaign and would like to improve the position in which his ads appear. He’s increased his bids, but his ad still isn’t showing at the top of Search results.

What else might he do to improve his Ad Rank?

  1. Reduce the number of words in the ad.
  2. Remove ad extensions.
  3. Create a helpful, relevant landing page for the ad.
  4. Control user signals and attributes.

49. Tara is using Search Audiences to reach her most valuable customers.

Which direct benefit might she obtain by using Search Audience?

  1. Delivering a customized message to the right user at the correct bid
  2. Receiving automatically-generated keyword and ad content suggestions
  3. Learning granular insights regarding her search network performance
  4. Getting suggestions on the best automated bid strategies for her campaigns

50. An advertising executive takes over a Google Search ads campaign. On his Google Ads Recommendations page he notes that the campaign’s optimization score is 40%.

What does this score indicate?

  1. The campaign is running 40% over budget.
  2. The campaign is 60% less optimal than other company campaigns.
  3. The campaign score has 60% headroom to improve.
  4. 40% of the revenue she allocates to her campaign is being used in the wrong areas.


  1. The campaign could be improved by 60% if the listed recommendations are followed.
  2. The campaign is 60% less optimal than other company campaigns.
  3. The campaign is running 40% over budget.
  4. The campaign is 40% optimized for the given keywords chosen by the previous campaign manager.

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