2023 2024 Google Exam Answers : Effective Networking Check Your Knowledge

 2023 2024 Google Exam Answers  : Effective Networking Check Your Knowledge

2023 2024 Google Exam Answers  : Effective Networking Check Your Knowledge

Lesson 1 – Getting Started With Networking


Q.1 – Jane owns a florist in a small village; she has a loyal local customer base but would like to increase the reach of her business to appeal to a wider area. Networking would ensure Jane could publicise her services to others. Can you help her identify which of these situations would be classed as a networking opportunity?


(A) Attending a regional floristry group

(B) Engaging with social media

(C) Watching a video to learn further skills about garden design

(D) Meeting other people from similar businesses

(E) Buying some garden materials from a website


Lesson 2 – Overcoming Barriers And Gaining Confidence

Q.2 – John is a carpenter new to networking. He is attending a networking event for the first time and is nervous about meeting people face-to-face. What steps can he take to help build his confidence and minimise stress while at the event?


(A) Plan his journey to the event

(B) Ask open ended questions

(C) Take a break

(D) Interrupt others while they’re speaking


Lesson 3 – Knowing Your Strengths


Q.3 – Farah is a jobseeker and wants to evaluate her skills using a SWOT analysis. She’s written down everything she needs for her personal analysis, but it’s all in the wrong order. Can you help her out?

The correct order of steps is:

Step 1 – Acknowledge what you are good at.

Step 2 – Looking at your weaknesses, is there anything you need or struggle with?

Step 3 – How might you turn your personal strengths into new opportunities?

Step 4 – Consider how your weaker areas could ultimately hold you back or cause you problems.


Lesson 4 – Developing Your Interpersonal Skills


Q.4 – Damien is a keen online networker but doesn’t have much practice at face-to-face networking. Select the skills you think he could put into practice at a networking event.


(1) Talk very quickly


  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO


(2) Introduce yourself


  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO


(3) Use warm, open body language


  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO


(4) Make eye contact


  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO


Lesson 5 – Analysing Your Networks


Q.5 – Sarah is a recruitment agent and avid networker. She regularly attends networking events and has many business contacts. Which of these situations might cause Sarah to review her networks?


  • (A) If her personal and business goals change
  • (B) Whenever one of her contacts changes role
  • (C) When relationships are mutually unproductive
  • (D) When the time spent maintaining ineffective relationships is too high




This section contains answers to all the quiz questions asked after you complete all the lessons.


Q.1 – Which one of the following statements best describes networking?


  • (A) Meeting others at a social event
  • (B) When like-minded people build and maintain a professional network community
  • (C) Informal coffee mornings with work colleagues
  • (D) Texting recruitment consultants


Q.2 – Fill in the blank: ______ networking is when you’re physically in the presence of others.


  • (A) Virtual
  • (B) Face-to-face
  • (C) Global
  • (D) Online


Q.3 – What does “SWOT” analysis stand for?


  • (A) Strong, Wellness, Observations, Time-spent
  • (B) Standouts, Weaknesses, Observations, Time-spent
  • (C) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • (D) Skills, Weaknesses, Organisation, Training


Q.4 – Which of these is a good example of an interpersonal skill?


  1. (A) Knowing lots of people
  2. (B) Writing detailed reports
  3. (C) Having a good memory
  4. (D) Having awareness of others


Q.5 – Why is it so important to review your networks regularly?


  • (A) To make sure you know how many followers you have
  • (B) To make sure your network is relevant to your goals
  • (C) To make sure you still like the people in your network
  • (D) To make sure the people in your network are still thinking of you

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