2023 - 2024 How to Verify Your Tiktok Account and Get a Blue Tik

 2023 - 2024 How to Verify Your Tiktok Account and Get a Blue Tik

2023 - 2024 How to Verify Your Tiktok Account and Get a Blue Tik

Getting verified on TikTok is a good idea if you want to show other users that you are real and worth following.

This blue checkmark next to your username is much more than just an icon.

It can help you look more trustworthy.

Then, if you become well-known on the internet, it will be easier to tell your account apart from those of other people who try to pose as you.

So there's a reason why all of the most popular creators and well-known people on TikTok have this verification badge.

Not only to raise their status even more, but also to keep them safe.

How to Get Verified on TikTok: What You Can Do to Improve Your Chances

TikTok's verification process is different from how Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram do it.

The number of people who follow you doesn't matter.

Second, and this is the most important part, there is no way to apply.

For your account to be verified, TikTok's team needs to choose it.

To put it another way, you can't apply.

Even though you can't start the process, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of being chosen.

According to the official newsroom of TikTok, these are the things you need to do to get verified:


In short, you need to make sure you have a voice for your brand that you always use.

Then, when you publish, your content should be different from what others are sharing but still relevant to your target audience.

Not only should you share unique content that fits your brand voice on a regular basis, but you should also interact with your followers and other users.

You can show TikTok that you are really active in many ways, like by leaving a comment or starting your own challenge.

In fact, TikTok thinks that being real and honest is so important that it has a whole section in its Community Guidelines about it.

We will get rid of any content or accounts that are linked to fake engagement, spam, impersonation, or giving false information.

If you want to be considered for verification, you must, of course, also follow other rules and the Terms of Service.

Since the platform sometimes changes the Community Guidelines, it's best to check them often to make sure you're still following the rules.

Here's a quick rundown of the rules:

You can't use TikTok to make threats, incite violence, or support dangerous groups or people.

Content with hateful speech or actions is not allowed and will be taken down.

Abuse-related content or behavior will also be taken down.

Links to goods or activities that are illegal or regulated in many parts of the world will be taken down.

You can't share posts that are violent or that haven't been edited.

This includes anything that shows, encourages, glorifies, or makes seem normal actions that could lead to suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders.

Content can't be naked, pornographic, or offensive.

We will get rid of any content, including animation, that shows nudity, abuse, or exploitation of children.

To get a TikTok blue tick, all you have to do is apply to TiKTok. You can apply through the feedback section on TikTok's homepage or by sending them an email. Your article must be written in English. Also, in this text, you will write to get a blue tick. To send your text, explain in clear and beautiful language why you should get a blue tick. Then, if you are eligible for the blue tick badge, it will show up on your profile after the necessary checks have been made.

Strategies for Verification on TikTok

So, besides being active, being real, and following the rules, there are a few other things you can do to make it more likely that TikTok will choose you for verification.

Join more people.

Before you can focus on getting more people to follow you, you need to figure out who you want to follow you.

What do most of the people you want to reach do on TikTok?

Participate in dance challenges?

Or do they want something more serious, like a quick lesson on how to put on makeup?

Once you know why they are on TikTok, you will know what kind of content will get the most attention from them.

After all, your main goal should be to get people who are interested in your brand to follow you.

In short, you should focus on getting the right kind of followers, not just getting verified.

Getting to know other users

As we've already said, you'll need to talk to other people on TikTok.

For example, you can start by following other accounts that focus on the same niche or by using its duet and stitching features.

If a post catches your attention, comment.

It can also help if you show that you like creative work from other people.

Then, make sure you respond to comments from your own followers.

TikTok is still a social media site, after all.

Participation is essential.

Take advantage of trends

If you use a trend to your advantage, your post could go viral, which could lead to a huge increase in followers and views in a short time.

It can also make it easier for your content to show up on the "For You" page.

This will not only help you get more followers, but it will also show the platform that your content is original and different, which is something we've already talked about and will talk about again.

But you should be careful about which trends you choose to follow.

It should match the personality of your brand and be something that the people you want to reach can actually do.

List your achievements

Why not make a TikTok post out of the fact that you were in the news? Businesses usually have a section on their website just for press coverage. This type of social proof can help show that you're trustworthy and that you're giving TikTok what it wants.

Post all the time

As was already said, TikTok gives verification badges to users who are active.

In addition to talking to other users, you should also post on a regular schedule.

This will show the team in charge of verifications that you are still using the site.

Use a TikTok tool for making plans.

To add to what we said before, buying a TikTok scheduling tool can be helpful.

Not only will it help you post more often, but the analytics will also show you what kind of content gets more engagement, which is important if you want to be verified.

You could, for example, check out SocialPilot, which works with TikTok.

With this, you can make videos and plan when to post them so that they go up at the best time to get people to interact with them.

It also has tools for working with a larger team if you are part of one.

This way, you can make sure that posts won't go live until an admin has approved them.

Also, because it has a visual content scheduler, you'll have a good idea of which days might be free.

Then, you can post videos at the last minute to make sure that your followers always have videos to watch.

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