2023 2024 Hubspot Exam Answers : Service Hub Software Certification

  2023 2024 Hubspot Exam Answers  : Service Hub Software Certification

2023 2024 Hubspot Exam Answers  : Service Hub Software Certification

Q.1 – Fill in the blank: Companies use customer journey maps to build _______ for their customers.
  • (A) confidence
  • (B) empathy
  • (C) products
  • (D) roadmaps
Q.2 – How often should you revisit your customer journey map to ensure it’s kept up to date?
  • (A) Whenever you get an influx of new customers
  • (B) When your business practices change
  • (C) Quarterly
  • (D) Whenever you get negative feedback

Lesson 3 Test Answers

Q.1 – A help desk does all of the following EXCEPT:
  • (A) Streamline intake
  • (B) Provide feedback
  • (C) Improve experiences with reporting
  • (D) Triage customer issues
Q.2 – Which of the following is a benefit of phone support?
  • (A) It’s cheaper for your company.
  • (B) Customers can get immediate help for complicated issues.
  • (C) In general, customers prefer phone support to any other type of support.
  • (D) All of the above
Q.3 – All of the following are benefits of email support EXCEPT:
  • (A) It’s immediate
  • (B) It provides a paper trail
  • (C) You can insert screenshots and gifs
  • (D) It’s conversational

Lesson 4 Test Answers

Q.1 – True or false? When setting up your Conversations email inbox, you should connect your personal email.
  • (A) True
  • (B) False
Q.2 – When should you consider using a chatbot?
  • (A) If human bandwidth is a constraint
  • (B) If the cost of making a mistake is low
  • (C) If you get a lot of standard questions
  • (D) All of the above

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Lesson 6 Test Answers

Q.1 – Which of the following is a strong option for a knowledge base article title?
  • (A) How Do I Connect My Email Account to the Software?
  • (B) The Top 5 Ways to Use a Spreadsheet for Marketing (Number 3 Will Surprise You!)
  • (C) The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
Q.2 – What is self-service?
  • (A) Type of service where customers can solve problems without needing live customer support
  • (B) One-on-one support from a company, either through live chat or phone
  • (C) One-on-one support from a company for a monthly fee

Lesson 7 Test Answers

Q.1 – After mapping out your customer journey, you realize you would like to know more about what your customers think after they purchased your product through a sales rep. The survey you should implement is:
  • (A) Customer effort score
  • (B) Net promoter score
  • (C) Customer satisfaction survey
Q.2 – What survey should you use if you want to understand what a customer thinks of your business as a whole?
  • (A) Net promoter score
  • (B) Customer effort score
  • (C) Customer satisfaction survey
Q.3 – Let’s say you want to understand how your support team is performing. Which survey should you implement?
  • (A) Customer effort score
  • (B) Net promoter score
  • (C) Customer satisfaction survey


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