2023 - 2024 SEMrush Certification Exam Answers : Competitive Analysis And Keyword Research

 2023 - 2024 SEMrush Certification Exam Answers  : Competitive Analysis And Keyword Research

2023 - 2024 SEMrush Certification Exam Answers  : Competitive Analysis And Keyword Research

Q.1 – Which position change will potentially lead to a higher traffic boost?
  • (A) from 51 to 30
  • (B) from 11 to 10
  • (C) from 91 to 40
Q.2 – You are running a brand new website, and are now analyzing your competitor’s website to build your initial keyword list. Choose two optimal scenarios.
  • (A) Explore the Organic Research Positions tab to find relevant keywords your competitor is ranking for in top search results
  • (B) Make a list of keywords you think you should enrich your content with and then check them within the Keyword Difficulty tool
  • (C) Use Keyword Gap to discover the matches and differences in your and your competitor’s keyword profiles
Q.3 – Fill in the blanks. When it comes to content benchmarking, there are several tools that can help you out. _______ enables you to see how certain articles perform in terms of visibility and user engagement metrics. _______ helps find resources your competitors use to publish their content. _______ can help you find if a certain topic is covered by your competitors.
  • (A) Post Tracking, On-Page SEO Checker, Brand Monitoring
  • (B) On-Page SEO Checker, Post Tracking, Topic Research
  • (C) Brand Monitoring, Post Tracking, On-Page SEO Checker
  • (D) Post Tracking, Brand Monitoring, Topic Research
Q.4 – Which metric indicates how hard it is to rank for a certain keyword in organic search?
  • (A) Competitive density
  • (B) Authority score
  • (C) Keyword difficulty
Q.5 – Which report will give you the best idea of how to choose a partner that has the highest chance of bringing you the highest conversion in your target location?
  • (A) Traffic Overview in Traffic Analytics
  • (B) Keyword Gap
  • (C) Branded Traffic Trend in Domain Overview
  • (D) Position Changes in Organic Research


Q.6 – With the help of the Backlink Gap tool, you can find the list of high authority domains that refer to your competitors but not to you.
  • (A) False
  • (B) True


Q.7 – Which metric does the Y-axis reflect on the Organic Position Distribution widget in Domain Overview?
  • (A) Amount of organic traffic
  • (B) Amount of paid traffic
  • (C) Number of organic keywords
  • (D) Number of unique visitors
  • (E) Number of paid keywords


Q.8 – What type of keywords will help you to enrich your website’s semantic core with synonyms and misspellings?
  • (A) Related keywords
  • (B) Broad match keywords
  • (C) Phrase match keywords
  • (D) Exact match keywords


Q.9 – Which reports deal with the keyword difficulty metric? Choose three answers.
  • (A) Keyword Manager
  • (B) Organic Research
  • (C) Traffic Analytics
  • (D) Backlink Gap
  • (E) Domain Overview
  • (F) Keyword Gap


Q.10 – What is the ‘Destination Sites’ report of Traffic Analytics all about?
  • (A) It shows the list of all websites the analyzed domain is linking to
  • (B) It shows the list of websites visited by users after leaving the analyzed domain
  • (C) It shows the list of websites visited by users prior to going to the analyzed domain
  • (D) It shows the list of all websites linking to the analyzed domain

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