2023 - 2024 SEMrush Certification Exam Answers : Social Media Toolkit

2023 - 2024 SEMrush  Certification Exam Answers : Social Media Toolkit

2023 - 2024 SEMrush  Certification Exam Answers : Social Media Toolkit

You can integrate the Social Media Poster with both personal and business Facebook profiles.
  • True
  • False
You can search mentions in the Brand Monitoring Tool by country or language.
  • False
  • True
The Social Media Poster can show you the difference between your total new page likes and new page unlikes.
  • True
  • False
You can export this report on your social media activities to the My Reports tool.
  • Social media activity
  • Facebook reactions distribution
  • Social media audience trend
  • All of them
  • Social media competitors


You can track mentions from a specific domain with the help of the Brand Monitoring Tool.
  • False
  • True
Social Media Poster allows you to find ideas for posting from RSS feeds.
  • True
  • False
You want to create your daily social media plan and decide how many tweets to post today with the help of the Social Media Tracker. What should you do?
  • Analyze your and your competitors’ publishing trends using the “Activity” report
  • Review basic engagement metrics and their changes over time using the “Engagement” report
  • Analyze your and your competitors’ followers’ trends using the “Audience” report


You need to find out which of your or your competitor’s pieces of content perform best on social media. Which Social Media Tracker report allows you to do this?
  • “Top content” report
  • “Comparison with competitors” report
  • “Social channels” report
  • This cannot be done with SEMrush
You need to publish a post on social media, but you can’t do this before your designer prepares a necessary image. Which option in the Social Media Poster should you choose to keep from forgetting to publish the post on time?
  • “Post now”
  • “Add to queue”
  • “Save draft,” then set a notification time
  • “Schedule,” then set a publish time


You can track these metrics with the Social Media Tracker. Choose three answers.
  • Page Views
  • User reactions (“Like,” “Love,” “Wow,” etc.)
  • Number of posts
  • Number of followers
You want to create a post with the help of the Social Media Poster. Which of these media file types can you add? Choose three answers.
  • Animated GIF images
  • JPEG and PNG images
  • Giphy images
  • PDF documents
In the Brand Monitoring tool, you can filter Twitter mentions by what? Choose 3 answers.
  • Number of likes
  • Date
  • Username
  • Hashtag
  • Number of retweets


Which analytics data are available for your Twitter posts after you publish them with the Social Media Poster? Choose two answers.
  • Audience outreach
  • Comments
  • Increase in number of followers
  • Retweets
  • Clicks
  • Engagement rate
You can accomplish these tasks with the help of the Social Media Tracker. Choose two answers.
  • Monitoring the growth of your social media audience
  • Creating and publishing posts directly from the tool
  • Comparing social media platforms by engagement with your content
  • Analyzing at what time competitors publish their content on LinkedIn
In the Brand Monitoring Tool, you can compare your and your competitors’ brand name by…
  • Number of mentions
  • Likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Number of mentioners
What does the Brand Monitoring Tool allow you to do? Choose 3 answers.
  • Create and compare up to five campaigns within a Brand Monitoring project
  • Filter your brand’s web mentions by date
  • Get a list of resources that mentioned your brand
  • Find your brand mentions on the web and on Twitter
  • Get an alert when your brand is mentioned


You want to track your Facebook business page with the Social Media Poster. Which metrics can SEMrush provide you with? Choose three answers.
  • Total new page likes
  • Referral traffic
  • New page unlikes
  • Page audience
  • Metrics directly from Facebook insights
  • Engagement rate

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