The largest digital libraries and archives in the world

 The largest digital libraries and archives in the world

The largest digital libraries and archives in the world

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive lets you read the full text of more than 15 million books and other written and printed materials for free.

It is by far the largest digital library in the world in this way. On the Internet Archive website, you can find a lot of libraries' collections of e-books.

You can find written and printed sources as well as things like pictures, videos, films, sounds, and computer programs in the Internet Archive.


It is a big online library that was made with the help of nearly 150 universities from many countries, especially the United States.

Universities and companies like Google and Microsoft are all behind this project.

There are almost 3 million books in the e-book archive.

Anyone can use these resources for free on the Internet.

Even though most of the sources are in English, it has thousands of books and articles about Turkey and its history.

Europeana Collections

The goal of the European Union's Europeana Collections project is to put the collections of libraries, museums, and archives in Europe on the web.

On the Europeana website, you can look through the digital archives of many institutions from all over Europe.

On the website, you can find things like pictures, videos, and music, as well as printed materials.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg began in 1971 and was the first digital library in the world.

One of the people who invented the e-book was Michael S. Hart, who started Project Gutenberg.

He was one of the first people to work on e-books and digital libraries, long before the Internet.

After the Internet was created, the Project Gutenberg e-book archive moved to the web. Its goal is to give away free copies of all the books whose copy rights have run out. It has nearly 60,000 e-books on it right now.

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