What are the distinctions between Google Bard and ChatGPT?

 What are the distinctions between Google Bard and ChatGPT?

What are the distinctions between Google Bard and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT and Google Bard are very similar natural language chatbots, but they have some differences and are designed to be used in slightly different ways, at least for now. It has been used to answer accurately to , and while it has some issues with accuracy and plagiarism, it also shows impressive creative writing skills, making it a big hit among employees, SEO consultants, and editors. causing surprises. 

However, Microsoft has integrated his ChatGPT with his Bing search engine, allowing users to ask questions directly to the search engine to find the best results instead of searching for keywords. It also integrates with Teams communication tools and to a limited extent with the Edge browser. 

The Opera browser also promises to integrate ChatGPT in the future. Available on the ChatGPT website. The query only returns text answers. Integration with Google Search. Just change your Google settings to get normal search results when using Google Bard AI or vice versa.

 ChatGPT generates responses from databases created before 2021. Google Apprentice Bard AI can answer questions in real time. It is based on GPT (off-the-shelf generative converter). Based on LaMDA (Language Model for Speech Applications). 

The service offers free and paid plan options (called ChatGPT Plus). Service is free. There is a built-in spoofing tool called GPT-2 Output Detector. No built-in plagiarism detection tools.

 Still available for beta testing Google Bard was designed primarily to power Google's search tools, but is also intended as an automated support tool for businesses that can't afford to pay for a human support team. Customers are served by AI-trained speakers.

 It may soon be integrated into the Chrome browser and Chromium derivatives. Google plans to open up Google Bard to third-party developers in the future. Google Bard uses Google's LaMDA language model, while ChatGPT uses its own GPT3 model.

 ChatGPT is based on slightly older data, and his current GPT3 model is limited to data collected before 2022, while Google Bard is based on more recent data. However, this does not improve accuracy, as Google Bard already had problems answering questions correctly when it was first launched. ChatGPT has a built-in plagiarism checker unlike Google Bard which still lacks a creative implementation of ChatGPT.

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