About Making Passive Income – Google Play Books Publishing

 About Making Passive Income – Google Play Books  Publishing

About Making Passive Income – Google Play Books  Publishing


Before you publish a book on Google Play Books, there are some things you should know.

So what are they?

In this article, we will explain in detail all the things you need to know before selling e-books on Google Play. And in this way, you will not encounter surprises after adding books to the Google Play library.


There Are Also Technical Details of Publishing Books on Google Play

Yes, Although It Is Easy, there are some technical and learning aspects of selling ebooks on Google Play Books. In other words, before publishing an e-book, you need to have some knowledge. Especially before you publish an e-book, the conversion processes of your e-book, and then during the publishing phase of your book, although it may seem like insignificant from the outside, you should have enough knowledge to examine the analysis reports so that you can see how much your book sells after publishing your book.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find all these technical details, especially in Turkish. It is even impossible. Therefore, if you know English, you can find this information by doing research in English. But, if you don’t speak English, or if you want a package where all these technical details are gathered in one training instead of searching on many different platforms, you can join our online Udemy training. In our training, we explain in detail how you can publish a book on Google Play, Amazon and Rakuten Kobo.

You May Have Problems Selling Books on Google Play

Publishing e-books on Google Play may seem effortless, but unfortunately there are some difficult aspects as well. Especially people who start using this Platform for the first time may encounter some problems because they do not know the policies of Google Play books. And as a result of these problems, they know that they put themselves on a dead end. Especially before publishing your book, the seemingly minor mistakes you will make in the conversion process of your book can cause you great difficulties in publishing the book. In order not to encounter such incidents, it is imperative that you start this business by doing a detailed research.

Your book in Playbooks may not sell for life!

Another misconception. Unfortunately, these people sometimes think they’re going to write a book and earn money from it for a lifetime. But in order for this to happen, your first book must be a book that really adds value to people, that they like, that changes their point of view. Otherwise, once you write a book that no one likes, the book is unlikely to sell for life.

Even though the books written just to make money in this way sell for the first few months, then they go to the back of the platform as a result of the negative comments from the readers and start to sell in this way. So what I mean is this; If you want to have a book that will sell for life and make you money for life, you must first add value to people’s lives. This is absolutely essential.

About Making Passive Income – Google Play Books  Publishing

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