About Making Passive Income – KOBO E Book Publishing

 About Making Passive Income – KOBO E Book Publishing

About Making Passive Income – KOBO E Book Publishing


Before you publish a Rakuten kobo ebook, there are some things you should know.

Now, I will tell you about them. Thus, before you start selling e-books, you will know about these details, and you will not encounter any surprises after the Book is published on Rakuten Kobo.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know before you start selling books on Rakuten Kobo.

Rakuten Kobo Has An Extensive Distributor Network

When you start selling Rakuten kobo ebooks, you will actually start selling ebooks on many different platforms. Because Rakuten Kobo has a very wide distribution network. Once you publish a book on rakuten kobo, Kobo will distribute it to other distributor networks. In this way, your books will be published on more than ten platforms. Among the Rakuten kobo distributors, there are platforms with a large number of users, such as D&R and Idefix, which are very popular in our country. In this way, the Visibility of your Books will increase even more, and if you can evaluate it well, you will be able to reach more sales figures. This is perhaps the best advantage of Rakuten kobo for us.

Rakuten Kobo Commission Rate

When Rakuten sells your eBooks on kobo, you will receive a very variable commission rate. This will vary according to the Price of your book. This commission rate is between 30% and 70%. But we, as authors, want to get the highest commission rate possible from our books. Therefore, it would be good for you to learn how rakuten kobo determines these commission rates, and as a result, you can publish your book in accordance with these rules and receive 70% commission.

Otherwise, even if your books that we will publish unconsciously reach very large sales figures, your profit from our books will be less because you will receive a low commission rate. In order to avoid such a situation, you should learn the rakuten kobo policies thoroughly and publish a book according to them. It will be much better for you to get a seventy percent commission from all our books.

Publishing Ebooks on Rakuten Kobo Is Not An Easy Way To Make Money

As with other platforms where we publish books, e-books cannot be published on Rakuten Kobo to make easy money. There is no such thing as making easy money in the e-book Business, just as it is not in other branches of commerce. First of all, if you want to earn good money from your books in a sustainable way; First of all, you need to write a good book, add value to people, and produce a book that people want to read more.

Otherwise, if you have written a book that no one likes, that adds no value to people; This book of yours will start to get no sales after a while. Because, people will always give negative comments to your book and as a result of negative comments, your rakuten kobo book will rank further on the platform. As a result of this, your books will be less visible, and you will not be able to get any sales from our books. So as a result; If you want to make money with your books, if you want to make money with your books for life, First of all, you need to write a book that people will love to read.

You can get good sales figures for a few months at the beginning by just preparing a nice book cover and writing a nice introductory article. But as I said, as a result of the negative comments you will receive, your book will start to sell.

 Technical details

As with other Platforms, there are some technical details you should know before you start selling ebooks on Rakuten Kobo. If you unconsciously try to publish an e-book without learning these technical details, you will likely encounter bigger problems in the future. Because, kobo may perceive these actions that you do, which are actually innocent, as spam moves, and your account may be closed. That’s why you should learn what behaviors Kobo perceives as spam and consciously publish your Books.

In order to learn all these technical details, our training is at your service, by joining our online Udemy training, you can learn how to sell e-books on platforms such as Rakuten Kobo, Amazon and Google Play books and start publishing your books immediately.

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