Book FI Digital Library

 Book FI Digital Library


Bookfi is one of the most popular multilingual online libraries in the world. It has more than 2230000 ebooks in its collection.

They aim to increase the number of books and the quality of service. Bookfi is a non-profit project and completely free.

Sample Scan and Download File

We performed a search for ‘Digital library of the future’. More than 100 search results came up.

The first 2 results are as in the image below


We click on the Download PDF tab and the file downloads.

How to open downloaded ebooks?

Most of the books in our library are presented in fb2 format – this is the most convenient and popular format for electronic books. To open this file format, we recommend two of the easiest to use programs:

– CoolReader

– AlReader2.rar

It is possible to read most software without additional software, to do so use the “read online” link below in the search results.

Users can open the book directly in your browser using the Firefox browser and the special add-on.

How to add a book to the library?

We don’t have an automated system for adding books, so if you want to post any book here, please send it to the bookFI email.

In the e-mail, please indicate the author of the book, its title and the category in which it can be classified.

Generally, the books sent are transferred to the BookFI system in one day.

What support to the BookFI site might be most helpful?

Servers and equipment: The BookFI Library contains tens of terabytes of highly technical data, storage and access. This is very useful for us if you have hard drives (from 2 TB), idle servers or broadband internet access (from 100 Mbit).

Help in development: Always relevant help in the development of new functionality (PHP / SQL / JS).

If you are familiar with these technologies and are ready to provide all possible support, please write to BookFI.

Comments on Book FI

David Clive Ramsey, Brand Assistant says:

The Russian based eBook website is very easy to use with smooth navigation and less ad serving on both mobile and desktop.

BookFI is a popular eBook sharing site to search for and download a variety of academic, comic, poetry, journal, research, cultural and other types of eBooks for free.

Due to the popularity of BookFI, many alternatives to the popular eBook site have come to share free eBooks to help those who cannot afford paid textbooks and academic research papers.

Book FI Digital Library Access Address:

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