Google Adsense has updated the YouTube homepage and payment account.

 Google Adsense has updated the YouTube homepage and payment account.

Google Adsense has updated the YouTube homepage and payment account.

From March 2022, there will be a separate homepage and payment account in AdSense for YouTube earnings.

What’s new

Improved AdSense experience for YouTube creators. AdSense for YouTube will include a dedicated AdSense for YouTube homepage, following the change to be implemented over a period of several months as of March 2022.

This way, creators will have even faster access to finalized YouTube earnings in AdSense.

Also, payments related to YouTube earnings will be placed in a separate payment account.

Therefore, there will now be separate payment threshold amounts for YouTube and AdSense payment accounts.

If you also use AdSense to receive payments outside of YouTube, payment timing may be affected by this change.

Any unpaid YouTube earnings will be transferred to that new payment account. Details of YouTube earnings and other AdSense earnings you’ve previously paid for remain tied to your AdSense payment account.

How is it accessible?

The new homepage, which will be rolled out gradually in 2022, is currently available to a limited number of creators.

Until the homepage is available to all users, YouTube creators will continue to see their finalized YouTube earnings in their AdSense payment accounts.

Once available to all users, you can navigate to AdSense from YouTube Studio to reach the new AdSense for YouTube homepage.

You can also find the homepage in question at the top of the left menu in AdSense.


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