Techniques and Tips for Searching on Google

 Techniques and Tips for Searching on Google

Techniques and Tips for Searching on Google

Google today returns thousands of results for even the simplest queries. In order to reach quality sites, it is necessary to customize the results. In this article, we will talk about google advanced search features.

You will also get answers to the following questions in our article Techniques and Tips for Searching on Google.

How to google search?

How to do Google advanced search?

What are the techniques used when searching?

How to find the desired result quickly and easily on Google?

How to search by file type in Google search engine?

Tips for Searching on Google

  • related

You can access sites like “” by typing

  • ” “

If the word we have written as a key is more than one and we want the words to be searched side by side, it is enough to put the words between two quotes.

Example of phrase searches: “frederic william goudy”

  • Unwanted Words

If there is a word you do not want in the search result, you can exclude it from the search result by putting a minus (-) in front of it.

  • Searching for phrases you have forgotten some of:

Add * * to the part of the sentence that you do not remember.


When you hear a word or a lyric during the day, but you can only understand certain parts of it and you want to find it all, this search method from Google helps a lot.


When you come across such a situation, all you have to do is add the phrase “* *” to the unfamiliar part of the sentence when searching on Google.


  • Treasure:

Google can also be used as a dictionary. for this, write define: in front of the word or words you want to be defined.

Example: define: php

  • filetype: (supported file types are listed in the appendix)

With this operator, you can search by selecting any of the file formats supported by google.

for example if you are looking for an ebook about php .file type:pdf php

  • site:

This operator, on the other hand, allows us to make searches within certain sites.

example: typing frederic will find the places where the word frederic is mentioned only on the manifest.

  • OR :

Unless otherwise stated, Google shows results with all the keywords you entered in the search results. If you do not want to see all the keys you entered in the results, write OR in capital letters. As a result, google lists pages with at least one of the words. It can be used in searches made with words with the same meaning.

  • cache:

You can use the cache: operator to see the version of a web page in google’s memory. cache: and then you can get the image of the version in google’s cache by typing the address of the page without any spaces, as well as if you leave a space and write a keyword after the address, you will also ensure that they are colored.


  • allinurl:

If you want the entire key to be searched in the url, the operator you should use is allinurl: .

If you type allinurl:bildirgec renner in the search box, results containing both declarative and renner words will appear in the url.

Addendum: Google Supported Formats for the Filetype Operator

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf)
  • Adobe PostScript (ps)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 (wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku)
  • Lotus WordPro (lwp)
  • MacWrite (mw)
  • Microsoft Excel (xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt)
  • Microsoft Word (doc)
  • Microsoft Works (wks, wps, wdb)
  • Microsoft Write (wri)
  • Rich Text Format (rtf)
  • Shockwave Flash (swf)
  • Text (ans, txt)

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